Workplace Design for the National Council for Behavioral Health

National Council for Behavioral Health (National Council) was on multiple floors at its previous location, resulting in a spread out office environment. The nonprofit wanted to consolidate and open up its workplace.

Huddle Area

Because of the cultural shift involved with moving staff from offices to workstations, it was critical that the workstations – 46 traditional, seven within rooms and seven hoteling stations – provide an equal sense of privacy and personal comfort. The workstations include Individual towers for coats and personal belongings and lockers were built for staff working at the hoteling stations. To also accommodate the desire to work while standing, all workstations are equipped with adjustable work surfaces.

Previously, National Council employees would use their offices to conduct teleconferences and podcast sessions with clients and member organizations, which are important parts of the workday. In the new office, our design now provides staff with designated rooms to hold these online meetings. There are four small rooms with TVs set up and seating for two to three people at a time.


National Council wanted the office to also say something about its brand and mission, which is to advance its members’ ability to deliver integrated healthcare and ensure all Americans have access to high-quality care that affords every opportunity for recovery. An artist was brought in to paint the columns throughout the workstation spaces with original organizational themes that had been vetted with the nonprofit. Additionally, there is a large painted mural in reception of President Kennedy signing the Community Mental Health Act in 1963 that inspired a new era of optimism in mental healthcare.

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