Renovation in Place for the United Way Headquarters

The objective of the United Way Worldwide headquarters renovation was to create an improved, integrated and collaborative workplace environment. The renovation in place consisted of a five floor full building renovation including a new roof, new windows, new chillers and an elevator modernization. The design allows employees, partners and visitors to work and interact more effectively.

A core concept for this space was to develop a communal gathering space in between highly populated floors to encourage staff to use the internal stairs. The five floors were designed in two phases and constructed in three phases– first phase was for the fourth and fifth floors and spanned six months; second phase was for the third floor and spanned three months; and third phase was for the first and second floors and spanned four months. The phased renovation allowed staff to use completed floors as swing space and work productively throughout construction. Temporary systems furniture was rented for both the second and third floors to maximize the use of these swing spaces.

By approaching the design in two phases and construction in three phases, United Way achieved their goals with minimal disruption to staff. This renovation in place allowed United Way to reduce its real estate footprint from 333 square feet per employee to 267 square feet per employee, while also giving the workplace a sense of community and set the tone for the organization’s culture and mission.

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