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OTJ Architects has worked with a multitude of technology firms that feature unique elements critical to the individual success of each company, but there are also several design trends that link them. Each of these clients placed high emphasis on sophisticated audio-visual technology, including smart boards, sophisticated digital displays, video conferencing capabilities and lab spaces for product development and testing. Office operating efficiency was also very important and can be seen through the use of occupancy sensors, LED fixtures and daylight harvesting techniques.

Throughout the design of each of these projects, OTJ has found that tech firms are looking for ways to improve their product development process, while also accounting for greater efficiency in the office.  By working collaboratively with our clients, we can optimize their work styles through the most advanced technology and specialized types of spaces such as labs and test areas.

In comparison to the nearly 10:90 ratio of offices to workstations in tech workspaces, OTJ’s recent benchmarking data shows that government contractor spaces typically have a 40:60 ratio and trade associations typically come in at 50:50. Additionally, the square footage per person range from OTJ’s portfolio of tech clients is 100 – 225, while the range for government contractors is 145 – 315 square feet and the range for trade associations is 250 – 375 square feet.


The new multi-floor, McLean, VA, office for Alarm.com – who specializes in security, advanced automation and smart home solutions – features integrated labs throughout each floor to enable and enhance the high standard of rigorous testing and product development necessary for Alarm.com’s business operations.

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For an Innovation Lab we designed in Vienna, VA, OTJ maximized open workspace with a mix of closed rooms in various sizes for collaboration and privacy demands and also social gathering areas. We also integrated audio-visual components to provide the company with the appropriate resources to deliver service offerings.

For each of these projects, we look to create an innovative design that will catalyze a different mindset and approach to the space. Our architects and designers draw upon recent industry trends and comprehensive benchmarking data to achieve successful results for our tech clients

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