OTJ’s Design for SunEdison

SunEdison is a global leader in transforming how energy is generated, distributed and owned. SunEdison desired a refreshing new space where staff members are encouraged to work together, with company branding incorporated to represent the organization’s mission.

When the project began, SunEdison was in the process of creating a new company and working through a re-branding process. The two floors selected for relocation are designed to house both organizations, with the companies eventually separating on different floors. OTJ’s team worked with both companies to develop finish palettes, select furniture and create the overall open layout design.

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The design features contemporary details and abstract graphics and materials to reinforce the brand. A sunburst graphic lines the conference room wall and provides privacy. Designer Tom Dixon mirror light fixtures mimic the sun in reception and the lounge, while carpeting here also features sunburst graphics.

OTJ managed a fast-track change when the decision was made to re-design the lounge. We had already issued for permit, so modifications were provided that did not affect the permit. We successfully made changes to light fixtures, furniture and floor and wall patterns in two weeks to maintain the schedule.

3 SunEdison _ Stairway

Additionally, the space had low 10-foot slab-to-slab ceiling heights. Issues arose during construction that required lowering the heights even more, but we did not want to impact the open and airy design intent. To counteract this, we kept the ceiling white, added linear recess lights and specified shallow fixtures. We dropped the ceiling height right off the elevator to accommodate the mechanical duct and then raised it 6 inches above the seating group. Therefore, people in the lounge or reception are seated in an area with a raised ceiling, which adds character to the space and still allows it to feel open. An elegant staircase also connects the floors functionally and spatially and promotes transparency and cohesion.


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