Open Office Design for GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving is a nonprofit that focuses on helping individuals and corporations select charities to donate to based on a preferred interest and will recommend ones that have been vetted.  GlobalGiving wanted to integrate more collaboration spaces, new benching furniture and branding elements in its office, with a sophisticated startup feel.

Pantry v2

Including the right mix of collaboration and open areas was a challenge, since GlobalGiving was missing these key spaces in its previous office. We focused on opening up the space to be as functional as possible, with a large open meeting area and pantry that have reconfigurable, flexible furniture solutions.

Everyone in the office is in benching style workstations – even executives. There are also two standup desks for individuals to use. Because of this open environment, it was important to provide areas for meetings and “head down” work, so the design features two medium conference rooms, one small conference room and three phone rooms for privacy.

Lounge to Small Conference Room

We also helped incorporate GlobalGiving’s brand and mission through graphics and art. There is a logo behind the reception desk, quotes of mottos and mission statement on conference room walls, conference rooms named by country with significant charitable activity, images of children that were helped printed on canvas and hung throughout and a large multicolored map with a writable surface near the open benching area.

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