Inside Sands Capital Management

Sands Capital Management relocated to the top four floors in a neighboring building in Arlington, VA. OTJ collaborated with the staff to create a design that supports the work of Sands Capital’s employees, is a reflection of the firm’s culture and brand and will allow Sands Capital to continue to grow and expand in the future. Thinking about both Sands Capital’s culture and how its staff members work, OTJ established a design philosophy that is equal parts about connection and collaboration as well as quiet and focus.

The design used clean, sleek lines and a cohesive materials scheme that incorporated classic materials with a warm twist to create a space that felt inviting and ultimately provides a memorable experience for staff and visitors alike. Additionally, the design has taken steps to reduce noise from offices, increase privacy in workstations and provide an overall inviting environment for staff and visitors.

The showpiece glass interconnecting staircase serves as the conduit for these key zones.  The stair was strategically placed and given prime real estate within the 80,000-square-foot office, which features some of the best city sight lines, in order to encourage staff to traverse all floors and to interact in a series of shared spaces that straddle the stair on each floor. These spaces include, but are not limited to, the following: a penthouse café, game room, library, reception and an iced coffee lounge.

A private roof terrace on the 32nd floor – complete with a multi-purpose conference room, bar, catering pantry and indoor/outdoor fireplace – provides a space for employees, guests and clients alike to feel at home, with an almost residential feel. These intimate and carefully thought out spaces allow Sands Capital to host a multitude of events within its own space. To take in the extraordinary panoramic views, guests may utilize the binoculars hanging tastefully on the “binocular wall” and gather and socialize in the various flexible furniture setups spanning the rooftop.

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