Inside Booz Allen’s Innovation Center

Booz Allen Hamilton’s Innovation Center in Washington, DC is a free-flowing collaborative space where their employees, clients, partners, and the innovation community can converge to inspire ideas, build new technologies, grow their networks, and work together to solve the toughest problems of today and the future.

The Innovation Center allows Booz Allen to naturally demonstrate its expertise in helping clients build their own innovation initiatives. The layout was consciously designed so clients could easily explore the space and leave inspired. The workspaces also easily convert into an open area allowing for events with 100+ people.

Booz Allen Hamilton placed high emphasis on sophisticated audio-visual technology throughout the space, so the design includes smart boards for idea sharing, sophisticated digital displays and lab spaces for product development and testing. Mobile “display pods” were made for multiple uses. They can be set up off reception to display products on shelves, iPads and monitors; they can also be used by working teams to pull up the product they are currently working on.

Booz Allen Workstations

The benching stations at the innovation center are sit-to-stand and also mobile. This allows users to gather together by teams and also to move individual work desks to make room for flexible conferencing and event areas. Booths nearby the work desks allow for a casual area to meet and collaborate, but also a quieter place to do head-down work. Due to the hierarchy inherent to Booz Allen Hamilton, executives can set up in the booths to work and be accessible and near other employees, but not be exactly adjacent to other staff members.

Booz Allen Phone Room

A combination of open areas, casual lounge seating, small private meeting, phone rooms and formal conference rooms are provided. Accessibility to different ergonomic positions – standard desk height tables, bar height tables and counters and lounge seating – are also available.

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