Does Your Office Portray Your Company’s Mission?

A brand is more than a sign. It’s who an organization is and what it stands for – and how it meets the needs and expectations of the person considering it.  Simply put, your brand is your reputation.  It’s the total experience any individual has with a company. Designing a workplace that expresses your brand helps to create a workplace community with a clear vision of itself and a shared mission.

At OTJ, we understand that credibility and reputation are built on quality products and services, but a strong corporate brand adds depth and value to a company’s offerings.  We’ve found that architectural branding can increase workplace satisfaction, job satisfaction, and colleague interaction.  This increased satisfaction can in return drive customer satisfaction and loyalty and revenue growth.

OTJ’s Portfolio includes:

SUNEDISON: SunEdison desired a refreshing new space where staff members are encouraged to work together, with company branding incorporated to represent the organization’s mission. The design features contemporary details and abstract graphics and materials to reinforce the brand. A sunburst graphic lines the conference room wall and provides privacy. Designer Tom Dixon mirror light fixtures mimic the sun in reception and the lounge, while carpeting also features sunburst graphics.

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NATIONAL RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION: The heart of every restaurant is the kitchen.  For this space, OTJ placed special emphasis on meeting spaces that reflect the restaurant industry.  The studio kitchen has full recording and broadcast capabilities. Additionally, the kitchen is used for presentations, staff meetings and events.

4 NRA _ Kitchen

SPECTRUM SCIENCE: The completed design reflects Spectrum’s culture: innovative, tech-driven and flexible. Since staff members regularly collaborate with their peers, a break-out space with large arm chairs for comfortable seating was provided for creative writing and conversation. Spectrum calls this area the story-telling laboratory, which was associated with being in a park, so a company executive proposed “stylized trees” to frame the sitting areas to create a “tree house”feeling. This detail also served as a way to carry the horizontal ceiling design down vertically.

3 Spectrum _ Huddle Area

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