Designing for American Hotel & Lodging Association

Serving the hospitality industry, American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) felt its new space should have a more hospitality-like atmosphere that portrayed the values of the membership, with the welcoming feeling one would get when entering a hotel lobby.


The main goal for our design was to create a modern space through architecture that aligned with the new direction the company is headed. We had to strike a balance on the idea of warmth – some staff preferred an all-white, sleek look, but we incorporated violet throughout to add color to the space. We also incorporated a stately reception desk that leads staff and visitors into the office.

Adding to the inviting feel of the entrance are two conference rooms on both sides of the reception. Since part of the organization is a foundation, the Foundation Room has all the donor names on back painted glass and a vinyl graphic so they can add additional names. There is also a phone room near reception for visitors working in the office for the day and there is another touchdown area near the workstations where people visiting can sit and work as well.


AHLA’s previous space had more offices and they were situated in a donut shape since the building had an atrium, so many people’s paths did not cross much before. In AHLA’s new layout, increased staff interaction is made possible by grouping the workstations together and putting glass fronts on the offices so there is transparency.

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