Washington, DC

Located in Washington’s Central Business District, the new Yelp offices span two interconnected buildings and are designed to communicate the corporation’s unique culture to a newly hired staff immediately upon occupancy. To foster the vibrant sense of community that defines the Yelp brand, our designers expressed the floorplan as a series of neighborhoods – a concept that expands upon the organizational principle of the New York offices, albeit with a distinctly Washingtonian emphasis.

From the reception area to the smallest collaboration room, the design references the unique architectural character of the capital’s most storied neighborhoods. A focal thoroughfare pays homage to the National Mall through abstract cherry blossom graphics and flooring comprised of carpet and stained concrete in subtle green hues. A sunken lounge, adorned with hand applied graffiti, channels the vibe of U Street’s 9:30 Club; and the 2,000-square-foot café, complete with a barista-staffed coffee station, reflects the playfulness of the Georgetown waterfront. A beer garden, with custom-stenciled checker boards, wood walls, and ceiling slats punctuated by Italian white lights, is adjacent to the pantry.
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