The Raben Group

Washington, DC

The Raben Group’s newest Washington, D.C. offices represent the culmination of a decade-long design relationship that has fueled both the firm’s rapid expansion and the evolution of its persona. Founder Robert Raben tasked OTJ to build on our successful design of the firm’s previous offices and further explore the intersection of interior architecture and brand identity. In keeping with Raben’s distinctly collaborative culture, OTJ’s team established a consensus-driven process to identify design solutions that would optimize use of space, staff wellbeing, and sustainability without compromising critical schedule and budgetary considerations.

The resulting floorplan filters work areas into neighborhoods knit together by wide wood “ribbon” that undulates vertically and horizontally to guide staff and visitors through the space. The ribbon also forms interstitial team rooms, set on a high plinth, that delineate active zones from more private workstations and serve to highlight the organization’s commitment to collaboration. In addition, social spaces ranging from a pantry-adjacent reconfigurable main conference room to a library complete with fireplace invite staff to gather in groups of two to 50.
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