Entertainment Software Association

Washington, DC

Press the power button and enter into an immersive workplace experience that that integrates branding, technology, and flexibility to serve as a showcase for the video game industry. Immediately upon crossing the threshold of the entry portal, visitors are greeted with a live stream of video game interactions. Displays of the latest technology invite one and all to explore the realm of virtual reality or to break a quick sweat with Wii Fit. A wealth of technology features includes short throw projection and a Microsoft surface hub that connects colleges across the country through video game courses of study. Areas dedicated to virtual reality offer member companies the ability to “plug and play” onsite and demonstrate the latest advances in proprietary VR gear. Lastly, an oversized multiscreen setup supports the ultimate gaming experience: every video game console – past, present, and future – is available to showcase products ranging from early development stages to seminal moments in the history of the industry.
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