Edgeworth Economics

Washington, DC

Building on the success of a long-standing client relationship, OTJ Architects developed design solutions that facilitate recruitment and retention efforts while aligning the built environment to a newly revitalized corporate culture. The floorplan eschews a strictly linear grid in favor of a kinetic layout that creates uninterrupted sightlines and affords all staff access to exterior views. By shifting to a primarily open work environment complemented by glass-enclosed offices, designers allocated prime square footage to collaborative spaces that empower employees to break from their desks and define their own workday parameters. The design also weaves a curved wooden accent from elevator entry to a centrally located, tech-enabled team hub, activated by bold accent colors. This wooden element doubles as an elegant pathfinding device that guides staff through a sequential spatial experience. To anticipate Edgeworth’s expansion over the course of their lease, the design of this new workplace incorporates features such as a raised floor that provides quick access to power outlets throughout the space and DIRTT modular wall systems to allow for rapid reconfiguration with minimal construction.
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