Building Repositioning Strategies

Today’s commercial real estate market requires innovative solutions to help distinguish mature properties of all classes from a crowded field and appeal to a changing workforce.

At OTJ, we partner with owners, managers, and leasing teams to develop transformative asset repositioning strategies. Our targeted, cost-effective interventions draw on insightful demographic, financial, and feasibility analyses to identify opportunities for optimization such as amenity upgrades, systems modernization, and the sensible implementation of sustainability principles.

This proven, intelligence-led approach revives outmoded buildings to drive leasing activity, outperform competitor properties, and help our clients realize the full value of their real estate investment.

Lobby Repositioning

Lobbies present a unique opportunity to telegraph a property’s signature brand to its target tenant base and immediately differentiate the asset from competitors. These public areas now function as casual collision points for staff and visitors to gather, work, and socialize.  Reflective of contemporary hospitality concepts, our designs reimagine underutilized liminal spaces as revenue generating amenities.

Speculative Suites or Pre-Built Suites

Speculative, or pre-built, suites constitute a crucial part of a building’s leasing strategy and their successful execution requires a sound understanding of the asset’s target tenant base. Our flexible designs accelerate lease-up velocity by appealing to a wide range of industries while remaining rapidly and economically reconfigurable for use by multiple generations of occupants.

Our minimal build approach is ideally suited to communicate the potential of each suite to a myriad of tenant types while minimizing construction costs and permitting time. To support the lease up process, we develop compelling 3D visualizations that illustrate how each space could be designed to address specific tenant needs. Suites can then be rapidly configured in an open, hybrid, or perimeter layout through careful HVAC design, easily demountable partitions, and quick-ship furniture solutions.

Amenity Spaces

Generational convergence in the workplace has increased emphasis on creative amenity programs that promote a holistic work/life experience.  The considered addition of amenities that support wellbeing, collaboration, and flexible workstyles can facilitate the recruitment and retention efforts of tenants and broaden the appeal of an older property.

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