BMW’s Government Relations Office

BMW’s government relations office required a sophisticated, yet practical design, to host events for industry leaders and government officials.  The main driver was to highlight BMW’s brand so the space models the sleek design of their German automobile.

The ceiling consists of steel panels referencing the framing of an automobile.  The linear lighting symbolizes white lines glowing on a road at night from the perception of the driver.  The floor materials of natural walnut, with BMW’s blue and cool grey colors, reference the textures experienced while driving a BMW.

Due to the small footprint, each element is adaptable for various uses. The feature wall can be closed to create a sleek backdrop for a formal occasion or opened to reveal a refreshments bar. The high-top pantry table is mobile with integrated power and can be used as a bar for entertaining guests.

BMW products are known for seamless technology.  The large flat screen floats in the panels of the millwork wall in reception – detailed with the precision that sets their automobiles apart. In the conference room, panels slide to expose the electronic writeable surface, much like the storage components blend into the cockpit of a luxury car.

Materials, details and furniture all support occupant wellness, an important factor to BMW’s leadership.  Sustainable materials following BMW’s core values were carefully specified. Partial glass partitions illuminate each space with daylight and amazing views. Window shades control glare to minimize visual discomfort and fatigue and sit-to-stand desks promote mobility for everyone at BMW.

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