’s New Headquarters

The main goal for’s new headquarters was to energize and inspire the organization to continue to innovate and grow as a successful technology company. The new office required a balance of collaborative, showcase and individual workspace areas to contribute to the culture and workflow process of staff and operations and also demonstrate the legacy from which it was built. The design features a balance of collaborative, showcase and individual workspace areas that contribute to our culture and work processes. Reception

The design began by engaging in several design charrette sessions with’s leadership, design committee and individual department representatives. The architects toured the existing operations and observed what worked well and where adaptations could be made. Several iterations of floor plans were developed that sought to capture the right balance of department layouts, adjacencies, density, collaborative space and room for growth. The 8th floor is currently being built out to accommodate for future company growth. Workspace

Through a collaborative design process, the office space incorporates a variety of sustainable materials and methods to improve overall workplace well-being. The open, interconnecting stair is designed to be the major focal point of the space, which connects floors nine through eleven and will eventually extend down to the eighth floor. The wood treads for the stair were reclaimed from a barn in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The stair allows for easy access between departments located on separate floors and connects high-impact areas on each floor including the communal pantry, IT genius bar and main reception areas. Stairs

OTJ Architects made a commitment several years ago to ensure all materials used were evaluated under the criteria of sustainability. Materials that do not meet a standard of sustainability – whether it is GreenGuard, FSC Certified or another industry standard – are not part of our design library; therefore all finish materials specified in’s new headquarters space have passed careful sustainability criteria. Electrical and plumbing fixtures were selected with high-efficiency threshold standards with the majority of task light fixtures being LED technology. Additionally, the design of the floorplate itself is based upon optimizing daylight harvesting and access to outdoor views throughout.

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