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Workplace and Office Interior Design

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Are You Looking For:

  • A workplace design that staff find effective and enjoyable to work in?
  • A workplace that reflects your company's brand, mission and values?
  • A workplace design that strikes the appropriate balance between collaboration and concentration?

Trusted Workplace Advisers:

OTJ has been providing professional architecture and interior design services for more than two decades with an emphasis on corporate workplace design. We use this vast body of experience and knowledge to ensure feature areas and work spaces ensure the office design meets all of your needs and expectations. Our dedicated staff of professional architects and designers become trusted advisors to your company throughout the design process to help achieve the most effective solutions, whether your organization is undergoing a renovation-in-place or relocating to a new building. We will work closely with you to identify the important factors that influence the ultimate success of the new workplace, with these items guiding the design.

Comprehensive Workplace Design:

  • At OTJ, we are accustomed to designing collaborative environments for our clients, just as we did for the Innovation Lab, LivingSocial Headquarters and Spectrum Science.
  • OTJ will consult with your organization throughout the course of the design process to collectively evaluate and select the appropriate workplace design standards and strategy.
  • We design to a client's specific needs to ensure the space supports the company’s mission and goals; this includes complete coordination with all necessary consultants including MEP and structural engineers and IT and audio/visual consultants.

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